The Charter of the Lodge was granted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 1st May 1890.

The Lodge was originally within the Province of Renfrewshire East but was transferred to the Province of Glasgow in February 1898. Since then Past Masters of the Lodge have become members of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow. The first regular meeting of the Lodge was held in the Burgh Chambers, Woodrow Circus, Pollokshields on the 14th May 1890.

The Office Bearers at this meeting were as follows:

RWMBro. Morris Carswell
DMBro. David R. Clarke
SMBro. Peter Pringle
WSWBro. William Stewart
WJWBro. John W. Ruddock
SecretaryBro. John N. Paton
TreasurerBro. John Craig
ChaplainBro. W.W. Tulloch
SDBro. John R. Donald
JDBro. John Walker
DofCBro. R Donaldson
IGBrother Wm S. Huntly
TylerBro. John Campbell

With the exception of the D of M and IG, the above Office-bearers were Founder Members of the lodge, along with the following:

Bro. John Ure Primrose
Bro. Robert Guy
Bro. Peter Pringle
Bro. John Campbell
Bro. Charles O Hytten*
Bro. John Lamont*
Bro. William  M Hutchison*
Bro. Adam Aitken*

(The Brethren marked * were not present at the first Meeting)

The first meeting in the Burgh Halls, Maxwell Park was held on 25 October 1890. On that occasion the Foundation Stone was laid in the vestibule by Bro. Sir John Stirling Maxwell of Pollok, Bart., who with others were made Honorary Affiliates.

The first official deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East, headed by Bro. James Caldwell, PGMD, visited the Lodge on 13 October 1891. Six further visits were paid by commissioned office-bearers of that Province until 1898 when the Lodge transferred to the Province of Glasgow.

Regular annual visitations have been made by the Office-bearers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow since then, with the exception of the years 1913,1918 and 1941.

Since 1911 the Installation Ceremonies have been conducted by Past Masters of the Lodge. Previously, this was the duty of prominent Brethren holding office in Grand Lodge or the Provincial Grand Lodges of Renfrewshire East or Glasgow.

The first ‘At Home’, introduced in 1907 consisting of Whist, Supper and Dancing was held in December of that year

The first Masonic Devine Service of the Lodge was held in Pollokshields Parish Church on 14 February 1892 when Bro the Rev T B W Niven, Chaplain, officiated.

The Regular Meetings of the Lodge were held on the second Tuesday of the month until April 1892, when sanction was obtained to hold them on the last Tuesday of the Month. In December 1892 the present manner of the Office-bearers entry into the Lodge with musical accompaniment was adopted.

On the outbreak of War in 1914, Harmony and the annual ‘At Home’ were discontinued, and on account of the War the Semi-Jubilee of the Lodge, which fell on 1st May 1915, was not celebrated.

A Past Masters’ Evening was inaugurated at the Regular meeting of the Lodge held in October 1929, when eighteen Past Masters took part either in the ceremonial work of the Mark or as Office-bearers, while Bro. James Gallie Mus.Bac acted as organist. The ‘Loving Cup’ presented by the late Bro. David R Clark PM was used for the purpose of the Toast of ‘Past Masters’.

A stained glass window ‘To the Memory of Departed Brethren’ was placed in the South Wall of the Burgh Halls and was unveiled by Bro. Sir John Stirling Maxwell, KT, of Pollok, Baronet at the Regular Meeting on 26th November 1935.

During the War years 1939 till 1945, meetings of the Lodge were not held regularly on account of the Service of the Brethren in the work of national importance, the requisitioning of the Halls and the difficulties of travel caused by the lighting restrictions. All the social activities of the Lodge were discontinued until 1944, when the competition for the Aird Bowling Trophy was resumed.

The Master and other Office-bearers in 1939-1940 remained in office for four years until the Installation in November 1942. Preparations for the celebration of the Jubilee of the Lodge in 1940 were commenced but were abandoned because of war conditions.

In 1940 Bro. Dr R T Halliday, PM published a history covering the first fifty years of the Lodge – 1890 till 1939. In the year 1944-45 a full programme of Regular Meetings was resumed.

An Emergency Meeting of the Lodge was held within the Burgh Halls on Tuesday 9th May 1950 at 5.30pm to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the Lodge. Present were the Depute Grand Master Bro. Dr Douglas L C Radford, Bro. Leonard Melrose, Grand Treasurer and Bro. Robert Battison, Grand Director of Ceremonies; The Provincial Grand Secretary Bro. D Belford Stephen and accompanying Provincial Office-bearers and Masters of neighbouring Lodges.

After the Lodge was closed the remainder of the evening was spent in harmony. This took the form of a Dinner at which 127 were present, the Brethren from Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge and the Masters of neighbouring Lodges were our Guests of Honour.

There were also present as guests of the Lodge the senior member Bro. John Wylie who was initiated in 1895 and the Senior Past Master Bro. Arthur J Murray who occupied the chair in the year 1909/10.

Toasts, interspersed with songs, entertained the company to a late hour. The function was an enjoyable and fitting celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of the Lodge.

In 2015, the Lodge celebrated its 125th Anniversary with a special meeting and dinner. Commemorative tumblers were created and distributed amongst the Brethren.

Special thanks to Brother James Gray for providing these details of our Lodge’s history.