November 2004 – November 2005

RWM Brother Robert Barr Garrity –

I joined the Lodge in January 1999 and held various Offices before becoming Master in November 2004.

I was looking forward to my Installation with Past Master Seumas Campbell as my Installing Master.  I was well prepared for the evening having written my speeches and toast to everyone well in advance.  I was then rather shocked to receive a phone call from Seumas a few hours before my Installation to say that he had suffered an accident at home and was unable to fulfil his duties that evening!  My sincere thanks to Past Masters Kitson Carey and James Gray who stepped up literally at the last minute and carried out my Installation to perfection.  Speeches and Toasts were also very quicky rewritten.

After joining, I introduced several friends and family to the Lodge, including my father Robert Barr Garrity Snr.  I was extremely proud when I appointed my father as Depute Master who was thrilled to join me in the East during my year as Master.  I was also delighted when two of these Brethren, Graeme Blair and Hector Munro, went on to follow me as Master in later years.

One of my first duties as Master was to host our annual Ladies Night where I was joined by many family and friends.  The event was very well attended and we raised a substantial amount for the Shiehallion Glasgow Childrens’ Hospital Charity and Maggie’s Cancer Trust.

During my year, I visited many Lodges ranging from Inverness in the North to Manchester in the South, Edinburgh in the East and Kissimmee, Florida in the West.

The visit to Florida was very special and I was accompanied by Graeme Blair on this visit during our families’ summer holiday.  We were not sure exactly where the Lodge was located along a very long road but spotted it from ½ a mile away due to the 12ft Square and Compasses in the front garden of the Lodge!

We received a very warm and friendly welcome into the Lodge where the dress code was very casual.  I did look a bit out of place in my kilt and Prince Charlie jacket but this was appreciated by the Brethren from Kissimmee.  We were also both very impressed by the Master’s Stetson hat and cowboy boots which he wore throughout the meeting.

I am now the Chairman and Tournament Secretary of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow Captain Speirs Golf Competition.  Together with my golfing partner, Hector Munro, we won this competition in 2011.

I also enjoy playing in all of the Lodge Sports Competitions including golf, curling and bowling and the various inter Lodge events.

As a Past Master of the Lodge, I was appointed to the role of Lodge Secretary in 2008 and continue to serve in this position.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the Lodge and look forward to supporting the Lodge as the Secretary and providing guidance and support to our Masters, Office Bearers and Brethren.